What NOT to Include in Your Resume

2014 03 03 - Question Mark 2

I get a lot of questions about what you should and shouldn’t include in your resume. Usually, I answer that question with another question: does it tell your prospective employer why they should hire you? If so, keep it. If not, leave it.

But, today, let’s talk specifically about three things you do not need to include:

Your Objective

Here’s the thing about objectives: they’re redundant. If you’re applying for a job, it is your objective to get that job. By the simple act of sending your CV for evaluation, you’re asserting that it is your objective to be interviewed for and offered a position with that company. Don’t waste valuable real estate on your resume to state the obvious.

All the other stuff you might include in your objective is gratuitous bordering on silly. Expanding your horizons, improving your blah-de-blah skills… they’re things that you may, in fact, do in that position, but they’re not things that speak to your current qualifications. Or why you should be given that job in the first place.

Your References

Unless you are specifically asked for references in a job description, do not worry about including them in your resume or cover letter. That space is better reserved for your qualifications.

Further, don’t waste your time listing that your references are “available upon request.” Once again, if you’re applying for a job, it is implied that you will provide references if asked. Everyone has references. Unless you’re some kind of pod person or alien, you have SOMEONE who will vouch for you.

Your Grade Point Average

After you have landed your first job post-college (and, really, even before that), you can eliminate your GPA from your resume. I understand, especially if you’re a recent grad and super proud of your GPA, that you may want to include it… but it’s not necessary. Your degree and how that degree prepared you to do the job you’re applying for is what’s necessary.

So, are you working on your resume? Is there anything that you can’t decide whether or not to include?

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