Your resume is one of the most important things you’ll ever write. A well-crafted resume will serve you well for years to come as you move from position to position (or career to career).

Here at Bauman Creative, we believe that a resume is living document that requires regular attention, not only when you’re on the hunt for a new job, but when you’re happy with what you’re currently doing. It’s a place to catalog your accomplishments & document new skills – kind of like a professional scrapbook that will be there any time you need it.

Working as a team, we’ll build a comprehensive resume that captures what you did for your previous employers with an emphasis on the value you added to that company.

Resume Package Options:

  • The Basics Job – $75 – {Let’s do this!}
    • A consultation & comprehensive resume review – ideal for people whose resume is up to date, but could use some touch ups
  • The Overhaul Job – $125 {Let’s do this!}
    • A consultation & comprehensive rejiggering of your resume – ideal for people who are changing industries or haven’t been on the job hunt for a few (or more) years
  • The Ground Up Job – $200 {Let’s do this!}
    • A consultation & complete creation of your resume – ideal for people who just don’t know where to start

Custom layout is available for an additional fee for all resumes. You can, of course, combine any of these options with BCE’s awesome cover letter or LinkedIn services.

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