The wide world of online marketing is intimidating. Many start accounts, become overwhelmed, and retreat, victims of massive overwhelm. But, here’s the deal, at Bauman Creative, we’re here to help!

Taking a personal approach, we’ll evaluate your goals, discern your message, & find a way to connect to your audience by selecting the networks that are best for you.

It comes down to three important things: content strategy {a.k.a. what you’re sharing}, your audience {a.k.a. who you’re sharing with), & your sharing strategy {a.k.a. how and where you’re sharing message}.

Once we’re done with a consultation, we’ll figure out what exactly you need and create a plan that is tailored to those needs. Do you need to know how to use Twitter to talk to your customers? Or Facebook to connect with your fans? Maybe you’re interested in Pinterest as a way to attract clients! Or maybe you want to start a good old fashioned blog.

We’ll get everything set up &, like something you love very much, we’ll set you free to market yourself, your goods, & your services on your own. Or, if you prefer, we’ll pair you with one of BCE’s marketing geeks who will become an integrated member of your marketing endeavors, managing your message expertly & awesomely.

So, take your pick! What are you interested in?

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